Turnabout is Fair Play!

I vividly remember starting out in my real estate career when I left the restaurant business. I was a first time new mom to our son Kyle and life was hectic and challenging.

Bob was ending his 30+ year career with the San Diego Police Department and heading into his retirement years. Bob’s buddies were heading out on RV adventures, building man caves in their garages, joining clubs, and taking trips to exotic places. Not Bob.  Bob had become a dad again after a very long hiatus from having a child in the house.  (Bob’s three older children are 29-32 years older than Kyle)

Parenting was a role Bob handled with zest! He was a total hands-on dad–feeding, changing diapers, bathing, and enjoying it all.  I am not sure how I would have been able to raise a child and build my real estate career without his support and dedication to both Kyle and myself.  When I was working hard and long hours, he made sure that Kyle was well cared for and that I was cared for as well.  Bob did whatever it took even if that meant putting gas in my car, putting up my “for sale” signs, running Kyle to t-ball, or making sure we had dinner on the table–even if it was from KFC.  He became known as the “laundry fairy” in those days.  He did so much to provide and care for us and he never grumbled that he was sacrificing anything.  His retirement days were unusual but he loved them.

We felt Bob’s love and care every day.

Kyle grew and blossomed as did my real estate career. Thanks Bob!!

So now Bob’s been retired 25+ years, Kyle is 28 and married, and I am starting to need to be more and more responsible to provide and care for Bob. My daily prayer is that I don’t grumble like I am sacrificing anything.

I pray that Bob feels my love and care every day.


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