God’s Got This!!

Back in July 2015, Bob had open heart surgery. It was a huge ordeal and a very long surgery as both his mitral valve and aortic valve were replaced, numerous by-passes were done, a  hole in his heart was repaired, an ablation procedure (or two) was done to correct heart rhythm,  and a few other issues were addressed.  He ended up with A-fib and a pace maker but all in all, it was a successful surgery.

At the time of the surgery, my sister Christie suggested that I stop fretting and write down the blessings of the surgery. At that moment, I thought she was nuts.  What blessings could we be given during this period?  Dealing with open heart surgery was far from a feeling of being blessed.

But I took her advice and kept notes on a little notepad in my purse of the things that were going on that were blessings. What happened was this list of blessings grew and grew. I was being shown that God has His hand on everything and God had us in His control. I pulled out that little notepad many times a day to remind myself that God was in charge and to praise Him for the blessings. I would read my list of blessings to Bob.  I would read them over and over to myself.  They calmed me as they were the proof I needed that God had us in His hand.  I could stop worrying as God was in charge!

I have kept that notepad and thought I would share just some the blessings of that surgery.

  • We had recently returned from a vacation to China and fortunately Bob had not had any medical problems during that trip.
  • I had recently had a minor hernia surgery that went so smoothly. I might not have had that surgery if I had known that Bob needed a MAJOR surgery.
  • Everything I needed to do for Kyle and Elizabeth’s wedding in a few months was done already. Bob and I had our new clothes for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner was planned and organized.
  • The scheduling nurse rushed Bob’s surgery and facilitated getting it scheduled quickly so that Bob would have time to mend and heal before Kyle and Elizabeth’s wedding in October. I had asked if we could delay the surgery until AFTER K&E’s wedding and was told that was not possible due to Bob’s condition. She listened to my concerns and jumped through hoops for us.
  • My work can be unpredictable and demanding but God cleared my schedule and allowed me to have all the time I needed to be at the hospital and help Bob at home for several weeks.
  • Bob’s cardiologist is a Kaiser Doctor but they partner with Scripps for Heart surgeries. Bob’s surgeon was a top-of-the line surgeon causing many people to ask us, “How did you get Dr. Brewster?”
  • Bob’s hospital was Scripps Prebys Cardiovascular Institute—a brand new, top of the line facility that had JUST opened. Bob had a pretty posh room and a lovely view!
  • Friends and family came to the hospital in droves. Bob and I both needed this so much!
  • Bob needed a Nephrologist (kidney Doctor) after the surgery and by “luck of the draw”, Bob was assigned a specialist that grandson Cameron knew professionally. Bob got extra special attention from Dr. Friend.
  • Once home, cards and phone calls came along with visits and food!
  • Bob’s medical insurance covered ALL costs except for his $100.00 copay. Over $520,000 covered. Seriously!
  • And more and more and more…



It doesn’t matter whether you are or aren’t going through trials; my suggestion to you is that you start listing your blessings today as well. Write them down.  Type them in the Note section on your phone.  Text them to a friend.  Post them on Facebook. Scribble them on a scrap of paper.  Write them neatly on an index card.

Focus on God’s hand in EVERYTHING! Big things, little things, all things.

Focus on the blessings.

I think its time for me to start a new blessings notepad today, too!

A sweet picture of his daughters loving on him while in intensive care.

Bob’s surgeon, Dr. Brewster

Bob’s favorite Get-Well Card!

3 thoughts on “God’s Got This!!

  1. Susan you are amazing! I want to borrow Leave Everything in God’s hand and you will eventually see God’s hand in everything! Phil4:13 I will continue to pray for you & Bob! And ask God to pls continue to bless you both with creative ideas! What special vitamins and supplements are you taking to do all that you are doing? Love you my friend!

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