The How-To Book for Champions!

I attended my cousins’ church with them last month. The pastor talked about the story of Esther and how her cousin Mordecai came into her life and how he was a champion to her.  Mordecai adopted Esther as a daughter and helped her through many adversities.  The pastor went on to explain that often we have champions in our lives that support us, love us, care for us, and are always at the ready for whatever we need.  He went on to explain that many people start out as a champion but in times of illness and serious problems, the champion wears out and can’t handle it any longer and disappears.

That message resonated with me.  For a couple of weeks now, I have been thinking back to the message that I heard that day.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I would think about people in our lives and wonder if they are or will be a champion that will come along side Bob when needed.  Or will they disappear when it gets hard?

But today a light bulb went on. Flash! I realized that this message was not about others, this message was meant for me. I went back to the bible and reread the book of Esther.

Mordecai was a mentor, confidant and cheerleader to Esther.  He never grew weary. He stayed true to his faith.  He was compassionate to her needs. He used his wisdom to help her make decisions.  Mordecai strived to do what is right even in the little things.  Mordecai didn’t see his responsibility or duties as a burden.  He didn’t wallow in self-pity.   He was a true champion to Esther.

So once again, God gave me the instructions on what I need to do to be Bob’s champion.

I may be re-reading Esther a few more times!


One of my favorite pictures of my guy!  Bob with 1 “o”!

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