Corona-virus, California Lock-down, and the Zoo!

Me: Just a reminder that we can’t leave the house due to the Corona-virus.

Bob: I’m ready to go to Corona with you when you are.


Me: This Corona-virus issue is getting serious.

Bob:  I hear that they arrested the guy who is giving the pills to people that are killing them.


Bob: What are we doing today?

Me: We are staying home and self-isolating.

Bob: OK, the zoo sounds good.


Me: In a few minutes we can Face Time with your daughter Julie and sing Happy Birthday to her.

Bob: Let’s take her to lunch.

Me: She’s on lock down.  We’re on lock-down. Everyone is on lock-down. Restaurants are closed.

Bob: Really?  Maybe if it weren’t raining we could go to the zoo.


Bob: I’ve heard it’s a candy that is poison and it’s making everyone sick.  I’ve had one in my hand but I haven’t eaten it.


Bob: My golfing buddies called and we’re meeting them for dinner.

Me:  Restaurants are closed and I never heard the phone ring.  Are you sure that they called?

Bob: Yes, and they will be mad if we don’t go.


Bob: I heard a little more about the corona-virus.  I promise I’ll be on the lookout and make sure no one poisons our food.  That would be murder if they did.


Bob: Will we be meeting our Kinfolk (I love that term) at church?

Me: No, Churches are closed but we can watch church on line on my computer.

Bob: Can we meet them for lunch afterwards?

Me: No, we’re on lock-down.  Restaurants are closed.

Bob: OK, I guess we can go to breakfast without them this time.


Me: we can go for a walk as long as we stay 6 feet apart from anyone and don’t touch anything.

Bob: How about Sea World?

Me: They are closed.  Everyone and Every place is on lock-down.

Bob: How about the Zoo then?


Me: (while out for a walk) Yikes, something just moved in the bushes.  Maybe a lizard!

Bob: Maybe it’s that bug that is making everyone sick.  Don’t touch it!


Me: After you empty the house trash you should make sure you wash your hands.

Bob: Why? I washed them when I showered this morning.


Bob: We need bananas.  Let’s go to the market.

Susan: We are on lock-down.  I’ll see if someone can pick that up for us.

Bob: We need watermelon.

Susan: We are on lock-down.  I’ll see if someone can pick that up for us.

Bob: We need marmalade.

Susan:  We may have to do without some things until we are off of the lock-down.

Bob: We need cookies.  Let’s go to the market.


Bob: How about we go to the mall and shop for birthday presents for each other.

Me: The mall is closed and we are on lock-down.  Maybe in a few weeks we could do that.

Bob: OK, do you want to go to the zoo instead?


Bob: What do you want to do today?

Me: We’re on lock-down.  We’ll just be staying home.

Bob: OK, I’ll take a nap.  If you decide to go somewhere, wake me up.


Me: Kyle and Elizabeth are quarantined at home as Kyle was possibly exposed to someone that possibly has the corona-virus.  They’ll both be working from home for a couple of weeks.

Bob: Oh when are they coming here?  Can I go with you to the airport and pick them up?
Do you think they want to go to the Zoo with us?


Bob: What do you want to do for our birthdays?

Me: We’ll have to wait and see if we are still on lock-down.  We might not be able to do anything.

Bob: OK, How about a cruise on one of those big ships?


And this is just Week 1!!!

“Think of the patience God has had for you and let it resonate to others. If you want a more patient world, let patience be your motto”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

And these are just some of the many reasons Bob loves the Zoo!

4 thoughts on “Corona-virus, California Lock-down, and the Zoo!

  1. Wow! Again, our mom isn’t near that bad…but a experience 3 weeks ago where I contacted mom 6 times in different way (email, calls, in person) to give her prep time for a shopping list so I could shop for her. Each time I told her what time I got off work and would need her list. I called to get her list and she didn’t have it ready. Patience!! You seem to have patience!~ and when you don’t be kind to youself!! I get so down on myself when I get a tone of frustration with mom cuz it’s not her fault! He sure LOVES the Zoo! You two do so much together out of the house, this must be confusing to him to stay at home so much, as a change of habit! It’s hard on us who know we are on lock down! Day by Day…You got this! Take care!!


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