Is this for Real?!

“Reality continues to ruin my life” is a popular quote by Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes fame.

I read this quote recently and my first thought was “isn’t that the truth”!  I wrote the quote down on a scratch pad and have re-read it occasionally over the past few weeks now.  I have had the time to ponder it often as we are on our 7th week of the coronavirus lockdown and we have nothing but time on our hands! This is our new reality.

But, the reality of my life is wonderful. Even though “Bob with 1 o” has dementia, he still recognizes me and always has a smile, a hug, and a few kisses for me. I’m living “one day at a time” and today is good.

We have a lovely home to live in and quarantining here is more than comfortable.  The heat and the AC work great and both have been used during the ever-changing weather we’ve been having.  We have been fortunate to get Vons’s Grocery deliveries regularly and some fresh organic produce from an online Farmer’s Market in Carlsbad.  What we lack has been brought to us by friends and neighbors—we have even had a toilet paper delivery, a hand sanitizer delivery, and an ice cream delivery.  All the essentials!! Isn’t that reality great?

Although we are following “Stay at Home” orders, Bob and I still like to get out for a stroll. We are limited on where we can go with parks and beaches closed.  We have a nice open space behind our home and lately we find ourselves enjoying that area.  Until this lockdown, we did not visit that area much. It is a little gem right in our own backyard.  That’s a reality that is fantastic!

We have FaceTime!  We used FaceTime before but now it really is our favorite way to stay connected.  Bob has learned that he can talk to those faces on the phone and they talk back.  Occasionally he is not sure who they are, but he seems to enjoy the smiles and the visits.  Yes, Bob asks them some “odd” questions sometimes—my favorite was when he asked his granddaughter how her sex life was! Reality provides lots of grins and giggles!

Bob misses going to church the most of all and asks constantly when we will be able to go again.  He misses the worship music and time with family, and of course, eating waffles out afterwards!  But the new reality of “on-line church” is filling in the void with wonderful music and meaningful messages—all in the comfort of our home, in our PJ’s while sipping coffee.  Can’t be disappointed with that reality.

Self-distancing and isolation are a harsh reality but out of it has come renewed connections.  Family, friends, and neighbors are reaching out to us, checking in on us, bringing us treats and supplies, and showing compassion.  What a wonderful feeling it is to know that others think of us. I love that new kinder reality!

So, I am going to toss away that first quote and I think I’ll ponder on this one for now.

Don’t try to escape your reality…

Make it everything you want it to be!

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