Let me introduce you to Bob with one “o”…

Bob is my WONDERFUL husband of over 37 years. He’ll be turning 80 in April of this year and is excited to be the first male in his family to reach that milestone. Super excited!

It hasn’t been easy at times as he has faced some health challenges–moderate kidney disease (has only one functioning kidney), high blood pressure, gall bladder removal, abdominal aortic repair, hearing issues, plus a major open heart surgery (aortic and mitral valve replacement, 3 by-passes, repair of a hole in his heart, and addition of a pacemaker and blood thinner medication).  Bob is Superman according to his cardiologist!!!  I would have to agree.

Now Bob is dealing with a new issue.  Diagnosis of a cognitive impairment brought on by small vessel disease in his brain.  His brain has atrophied and he has confusion, memory loss, and has lost much of the ability for abstract thinking. We went from thinking he was dealing with age related memory loss to be thrown into a much more serious issue.

Why Bob with one “o’?  This has become Bob’s FAVORITE and OFTEN REPEATED comment when he meets new people.  I will introduce him as Bob and he will quickly add Bob with one “o”.  He always gets a laugh and no one forgets his name.  It’s become the one thing that is predictable about him!  The rest of his life has become a roller coaster of “I didn’t see that coming” or “what the heck?!”

I’m looking forward to sharing Bob with one “o” with you in the days ahead.

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