Just a glimpse into Bob’s world!

bob thriveMany of you have asked me what Bob’s memory issues are like. Most of the time, I can actually forget that Bob has any cognitive impairment. It’s tricky.  He can seem to be “on the ball’ quite a bit of the time but then there are times that I am become painfully aware that things are off-kilter!

Here are some of his comments as he watched the news over the past few months:

  • Some guy named Chuck Berry died but I’ve never heard of him.
  • That prince Harry and that actress got married on a plane by the pope.
  • Who is the Dalia Lama? Why doesn’t the news explain who he is as I have never heard of him?
  • That OJ Simpson guy looks familiar but I can’t place him.
  • I remember John McCain. I remember him coming back from his trip to Mars.
  • What’s DACA? (Even after I have done my best to explain 20 times)
  • What’s DNA? (Even after being a homicide detective)
  • What an AR-15?
  • Do I know who Barrio Logan is? (He thought it was a person but it’s a community in San Diego)
  • A 99 year old doctor died and everyone is talking about him. Do I know who he is? (Billy Graham)
  • Who’s Amelia Earhart? (I explained who she was) I probably haven’t heard of her because it was before I was born.
  • A “hoarding” family had a fire. Was “hoarding” their last name?
  • What’s cloning? I see that a man cloned his dog. Oh I get it; they dressed it up in clothes. 


The world according to Bob with one “o” is an interesting place.

2 thoughts on “Just a glimpse into Bob’s world!

    1. Amen Shelly, on being grateful for Susan and her wonderful personality! So thankful for the support of family and friends too.


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