Living with Anxiety or Peace?!

IMG_2604I’m sure you’ve all had that moment when God gives you just what you needed. Maybe in the form of a friend who reached out to console you, a hefty tax refund when you needed the money, or even a sunny day when you are planning to take relatives to the zoo.  I’ve had all of these blessings and more.

At church I was given a wonderful unexpected blessing last week. Dr. David Jeremiah spoke on Overcoming Anxiety with Peace. The peace we get with God and of God.  Peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace in the midst of storms.  It won’t be easy for me to have and maintain this peace but he gave scripture, steps and tips and I took lots of notes!  I felt like he was speaking just to me!  Thank you Lord.

Instead of living in a meteor shower of “what-ifs, I can live in the moment and enjoy today. If I spend my days worrying about tomorrow and what tomorrow will bring for Bob’s health, then we won’t have any todays.  I choose to live joyfully today.

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