You Rascal You!!

Throw back to 1979 when Bob and I first started dating. If he would forget someone’s name, he would call them Rascal.  This was his clue to me that he didn’t know their name and that he wasn’t going to be able to introduce them to me.  I would quickly put out my hand and introduce myself.  This saved us much embarrassment as the person would follow-up with introducing themselves and all was good!

He doesn’t remember doing this little routine even thought we did it for MANY YEARS. Now he just mixes names up and calls people by the wrong name.  If your name happens to be Cassandra, he will probably call you by the correct name as that’s a name he uses a lot for LOTS of people who aren’t Cassandra!!

What happened to Rascal?!

(Pictures are from an camping trip/Over-the-Line tournament in San Felipe in 1979!)

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