SCUBA Diving for Two!

When our son Kyle was a teen, he was SCUBA certified. He had a friend who was also certified and they frequently dove together in San Diego.  Kyle always helped her with carrying her tanks and her equipment along with carrying his own.  He felt like he had to take charge of the dive as she needed guidance and reassurance throughout the entire dive process.  He called it “Scuba Diving for Two”!  He enjoyed the time spent with this friend and he never complained about the extra work—it was just part of the process of diving with her. To Kyle, it was worth it.

On our vacation last fall to Spain & Italy, I realized that I was “Traveling for Two”!  Bob enjoyed the vacation but everything that our travel involved fell upon my shoulders.  I planned the trip and made all the travel arrangements.  Once on vacation, I reminded Bob daily where we were and where we were going, read the maps, kept with the time schedules, handled the tickets/money, and never let him out of my sight! I totally enjoyed the time spent with Bob and I never complained about the extra work—it was just part of the process of traveling with him.  To me, it was worth it.

I’m looking forward to our next vacation and more “Traveling for Two”!

Barcelona, Spain  Oct. 2017     IMG_E6845

One thought on “SCUBA Diving for Two!

  1. Your blog is interesting and loving, Susan. It’s wonderful how you keep us informed of this time of your and Bob’s lives, and also write about the ways in which you find help for the extra work and stress for you that come with this territory! I also very much enjoy the pictures. May God continue to bless you and keep you, Susan, and may you continue writing!

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