Hearts Never Forget!

Pastor Jeremiah spoke at church about how our memories will become vague and confused but the feelings of those memories and the emotions connected with those memories will remain. I had never considered this. I needed to hear this as I often become melancholy when Bob can’t remember places we visited, family vacations, co-workers, friends, and even occasionally our family members.  I was comforted by the thought that the feelings of the memories still exist. Those feelings/emotions remain and give Bob pleasure and happiness.

We drove home from church and I saw a friend of ours near our home. I pulled over to say hello to him and we visited a bit.  Bob behaved as if he knew who this person was so I was beyond shocked as we drove away and Bob asked me who he was!  Even when I told Bob his name, Bob was still unsure how he knew him and asked a few questions about our connection with this person. None of it rang a bell.  Even though the memory of this person was gone, Bob ended up by saying that he was happy to see this person and that he knew he liked him!!!  God showed me right then that the feelings/emotions of Bob’s memories do still exist! 

Thank you Lord for Pastor’s message and then following up with the tangible proof.

Lord, you give me everything I need.

Old (1980’s)  Pictures of GREAT times!

 Praying that Bob has a heart full of happiness even if he can’t remember all the details!


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