Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

I had a strange moment last week. My friend Candace who had moved to Texas a few months back was on my mind.  I was thinking about her upcoming birthday and thought about getting together with her and her hubby for dinner to celebrate.  I pondered what day would work best and where we should go for a few minutes and then bam—the light came on!  She doesn’t live here in Alpine anymore and we couldn’t go to dinner.  It was such a strange sensation to have had such a clear conversation in my head about something that was totally ridiculous!   It was clear and real for a few minutes even though there was not a possibility of it really happening.

I thought about Bob. He says and thinks so many things that are just not right.  Sometimes downright impossible.  But he always believes that they are true and there is no reason to try to change his mind about them.  They are facts and truths to him.

The only difference in his thinking and what happened to me is that I quickly reverted back to clear thinking and he stays mired in half-truths and confusion.

What I need to remember is that to Bob, his thoughts are truths.  There’s no need to point out any discrepancies or try to convince him otherwise.  I need to remember that brief feeling I had when I was confused (and didn’t know I was for a few moments) and give him grace when he is mixed up. To Bob those thoughts are as real as can be.

Thank you Lord for showing me a glimpse of what might be going on in Bob’s mind. You got my attention!

Yep, that’s the world according to Bob with one O and it’s an interesting place!!

nathan's graduation


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