Bob is constantly pointing out men to me who he claims look just like our son Kyle. If the person is tall, has dark rimmed glasses, and has a dark beard then Bob says he looks like Kyle.  His latest is the forensics agent on the TV show NCIS New Orleans.  Bob gets so excited every time he watches that show and cries out “there he is” or “look it’s Kyle”.  Everywhere we go there is someone who reminds him of Kyle–most are Hispanic or middle eastern.  Interesting!

If Bob sees a blonde attractive middle age (sorry girls) woman, he claims they look like his daughters Julie and Shelly. When he sees a tall thin woman, he says they look like my sister Christie. Today he saw a woman who looked like my sister Marti even though I have no idea what the feature was that made him think that.

If he sees a tall man in button down dress shirt and khaki pants, he looks like our friend Chris.  The girls up the street visiting their grandparents look just like his great-granddaughter Aubri–yes, they must be twins!  Gray haired men in dark suits look like Pastor Jeremiah.  Big men with Fu Manchu mustaches look like his son Steve. It goes on and on.

There are two agents on NCIS Los Angeles that he claims look just like him and his buddy Richard–back in their day when they were on the Police Department. NOT!!

Everywhere we go, he sees people who look JUST like people we know!

Luckily Bob hasn’t pointed out anyone that looks like me. Maybe he has more sense than I give him credit for.

Honestly I am not eager to see who he thinks I look like!

That will be another story, I’m sure.


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