Trial or Blessing? BOTH!

Most everyone knows this by now…Bob had a car accident. The woman who witnessed the whole thing said he just was drawn off the road and into the tree like the tree was a huge magnet drawing him in. No hesitation, no swerving, no brakes.  He just hit the tree and “flipped like a pancake” back into the road.  Bob’s car ended upside-down in the roadway!  Several Alpine locals came to his aid until the CHP, Sheriffs and paramedics arrived.  My friend that witnessed the accident was thrilled when she heard him crying for help as she was convinced that he might have died.  Alpine is a small town and I have heard from several people that saw the crashed car. They really felt that whoever was in the car probably had severe injuries but no, Bob escaped with just a few cuts and bruises.  He really wasn’t even sore!

So what happened? Bob is not sure. He explained to the CHP, the nurses, the doctors, and all others that one eye went shut and he couldn’t get it back open and then the other eyewent shut.  Since the doctor later ruled out a heart attack or stroke, they believe he just fell asleep.

Bob was transported by ambulance to the Sharp Memorial Hospital Trauma Center where he was checked out from stem to stern. CT Scans were done and there were NO injuries from the accident.  He didn’t even require stitches on his head, arm, and knee where he had been cut.  His head wound and arm wound really bled as he is on blood thinner.  I think the amount of blood and the fact that he has a pace maker are two of the reasons that he went to the trauma center.  Also because they didn’t know the cause of the accident and needed to make sure he hadn’t had a stoke/heart attack.  I applaud the care he was given at Sharp Memorial.  Everyone was so attentive and so kind—to both of us.  Bob is not a good patient and has no patience in the hospital.  He felt fine and wanted to go home.  They weren’t going to let him go home until he was fully examined and cleared.  Two long days.

So long story short, the car was totaled. USAA handle the claim efficiently and fairly. The payoff check is in our savings. The extended car warranty has been cancelled and there will be a refund check coming in a month.  Our health insurance and car insurance has handled all the costs and we haven’t even paid a copayment!  No more insurance premiums or car maintenance expenses on that car anymore.  All good things for retirees on a fixed budget!

There’s no car sitting in the driveway to tempt Bob to drive. I’m Bob’s full time chauffer now and he is handling it like a trooper.  After months of my attempts to “take his key away”, it was taken care of by the accident and his crazy memory issues.  He is convinced that a “Federal Judge” came to the hospital and told him he couldn’t drive anymore!  That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.  Works for me!!

Although dealing with the scare of a bad rollover accident, a few days in the hospital, the mountains of insurance paperwork, the endless phone calls, countless doctors’ appointments, and all the hassles that come with an accident, I am still calling this accident a blessing. Not only was Bob not hurt but no one else was hurt.  A solo car accident that he came out of unscathed!!  God had his hand on my hubby that day.

The biggest blessing is that Bob has now given up driving without a battle and without him blaming me or anyone else for “taking his keys away”!

So a song came on the car radio today and I nearly cried but instead of crying, I sung out the lyrics at the top of my lungs.  (Blessings by Laura Story)

What if trials of this life

The rain, the storms, the hardest nights

Are your mercies in disguise

Bob just stared at me. I squeezed his hand and gave thanks for the trials and God’s mercies.

Here’s where he ended up!!!
Here is Bob & his car at the storage lot—he found his missing hat!

One thought on “Trial or Blessing? BOTH!

  1. Hi Susan, I commented before but pretty sure you didn’t get it. First of all as always I am amazed at your strength!
    So glad Bob is ok, and no one else was hurt.
    I think you should write a book about your journey and how you have managed to deal with the struggles. I think you could help a lot of folks who are dealing with similar situations. I do believe you have a special angel looking out for you.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you ever day.


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