This is only temporary…

Most of you are aware that Bob and I went on an extended vacation to Baltic Sea region of Northern Europe and to Iceland recently.  The trip was conceived and planned over a year ago when Bob was doing  “better”.   Bob’s mental capacity has really declined in the last year but I was still optimistic that he would do well on the trip and enjoy it.  It was hard on Bob and that made the trip hard on me.  We are home safe and sound now but I can say with 100% certainty that we won’t be going on any international or extended trips ever again!  We went out with a bang!

There are lots of great moments of our vacation but there is one that is a standout moment for me.

On the last leg of our flight home (Minneapolis to San Diego), Bob was behaving quite anxiously on the plane.  He was concerned that someone had moved our carry on bags and that they were stolen.  He kept trying to get up and get them down from the overhead compartment.  I kept telling him to sit and relax, that all was fine.  He wanted to warn the young women in front of us that if they had placed things under the seat and that they should keep an eye on them as they might get stolen.  Bob told the young man in the row ahead of us that his carry on bag was under the seat several times.  He was worried that the young man might lose his bag. Then he thought that the young man’s bag might be our own bag that was “missing” and he wanted to get it and hold on to it! He told the airline attendants that one of the young women ahead of us had lost her  straw hat and bag and that he knew where they were.  He even took the woman’s hat and handed it to her.  She thanked him and placed it back under the seat in the same place!

He was so anxious and agitated that I didn’t go to the bathroom when I needed to (badly) because I wasn’t sure what he would do if I left him in his seat alone.  He wouldn’t buckle his seat-belt and continually wanted to stand up and find our carry on bags.  It was a nerve wracking 4 hour flight.  The last leg of a 24 day trip didn’t go too well!

Once we landed in San Diego, my first stop was the bathroom.  Bob waited outside for me.

At the sink while washing my hands, one of the young women who had been in the row ahead of us came to me and asked if she could give me a hug.  I welcomed her hug but what happened next was so unexpected and wonderful.  She told me that “all of this is only temporary” and that I would have an eternal life without worries, pain, and problems with my husband in heaven if I believed in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I gave her the biggest hug and through my grateful tears, I thanked her for her much needed reminder of our salvation in Christ.

How lovely for this young woman to care enough to share the Gospel with me at one of my low points.  Boy isn’t it amazing that God places the people you need in your life at just the right time.

I left the restroom feeling like a new person. I gave Bob the biggest hug! I was ready to take on the challenges we are facing during this brief period on earth.

Cruise 1Us on our cruise ship balcony as we sailed into Sweden .

Thanks to the seagull for photo-bombing us!

2 thoughts on “This is only temporary…

  1. Bless you Susan, you are indeed a strong person and I know you know God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, I don’t know if I could cope with what you are going through. I think of you every day, you are always in my thoughts, if you ever need to talk just call, same number.

    louise Walsh


  2. Susan, beautiful, sad and touching story. My grandmother is going through the same right now. I always tell myself, “don’t be sad if she doesn’t remember you this time.” Then when she does, I am beyond happy. I know it’s going to eventually happen. Our memories have been forgotten and that’s sad for me. Her same question every 30-60 seconds is okay for me. What’s been difficult is when she asks for a ride home. I feel so bad saying she’s home or that she has to wait for my Aunt. This dementia isn’t easy for anyone. We adapt and just learn to love the moments when she is in the present. Many blessings to you and Bob.

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